Hearing Aids for kids

Our two sons each have hearing issues. One with a mild to moderate hearing loss and the other with one ear basically deaf (severe to profound hearing loss). We have an Ear Nose and Throat doctor they see regularly, whom we love! If you need a recommendation let me know!!

We also regularly have appointments with an Audiologist for each kid. They take hearing tests in fun ways. Each of our children have had hearing aids and have worn them plenty of times. Our severe to profound loss child has had two sets of hearing aids. He used to have a mild loss in the other ear so he wore two aids during that time. Then his one ear improved and he got aids which take the sound from the bad ear and bring it over to the good ear. He didn’t like these though. He says they take away his natural hearing he has in that good ear, since he has to wear two aids. At preschool, he’d take them out of his ears when he was mad and throw them on the ground. We had to educate his teachers how to turn them off so the battery didn’t run out. Then his Audiologist said these aid’s aren’t helping his hearing much at all. She told us to wait out last summer and speak to his Kindergarten teacher for basically a personal speaker for him while his teacher speaks into a microphone. The school didn’t have that capability so we let it go. He hasn’t worn his aids in a long time!

The mild to moderate hearing loss child has both to wear since his loss is in each ear. He began pulling on the tubes and breaking them frequently. We kept going back to get the molds redone and the last time we had molds made, they didn’t fit. They keep falling out of his ears. So he doesn’t wear his hearing aids currently either. This child has high functioning Autism and has Sensory issues which likely makes it hard having something stuck in your ears all day.

We need to schedule follow ups for each kid and see if their hearing has improved, gotten worse, or just stayed the same. We had MRI’s taken for both boys and found the severe loss child had his loss from birth. The mild loss child didn’t not have his loss at birth. He developed his loss later on in his life.

Our house is constantly loud and obnoxious, as you can guess. I relentlessly ask them to keep their voices down and have an inside voice. It lasts maybe a couple minutes then it’s back to being extremely loud. Well, there you have it – an update to our kids’ hearing loss and where we stand. Any questions? Please ask me through email. I’m happy to help if I can.

On The Spectrum

We have a 7 year old who is on the Spectrum.

What does that mean, you ask?

“On the Spectrum” means on the Autism Spectrum. He has Aspergers Syndrome. They have modified the diagnosis of it though and changed it to Autism Type 1. The Autism Spectrum now has 3 different types, depending on how severe functioning in everyday life can be for that child. Type 1 is considered High Functioning Autism or HFA.

Along with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), he also has a Sensory Processing Disorder. Now this may be harder to explain. Most people aren’t familiar with Sensory Processing. And if you are, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The technical explanation of Sensory Processing is “the ability to organize and interpret information we receive through our senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, balance and body awareness. Sensory processing allows us to produce appropriate responses for particular situations, tasks and environments”. (Website source)

Kids with SPD will either be Sensory Seekers, Sensory Avoiders, Sensory Sensitive, or a Child with Low Registration to the Senses. You can kind of guess what these four categories are just by the titles. Our boy is a Sensory Seeker. He loves Proprioceptive input and Vestibular input.

Bah Humbug

I think the holidays suck. Ever since I grew up to be an adult I haven’t had a good Christmas yet.

Sure, when you’re a kid you enjoy Christmas. As an adult with responsibilities and finances to worry about, IT SUCKS.

I think we listen to Christmas music just to help ease the pain of our negative balance on our credit cards. I think that’s the only soothing thing during the holidays. You have stress from families wanting to get together, stress from buying gifts for kids who really won’t be appreciative anyway, stress from the husband because of his overspending, and stress of decor in your house that the cats think they can climb like a real tree outside and they use the ornaments as cat toys. The Christmas music is the ONLY thing getting me through this time of year.

So bah humbug to everyone. Happy holidays. Go fly a kite. And please take all the presents back that are for me. I’d prefer cash instead so I don’t feel so broke from my kids’ presents.

Oh, and can we discuss how Santa has all the letters of the name Satan, just jumbled all up? Ever notice that? I think Satan wants us to have a terrible Christmas and ruin our families.


I think we’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas. Put Christ back into Christmas.

Christmas Tree

When Did We All Agree to the Idea of Santa?

Let’s discuss something here.



This has been going on for far too long. Too many kids have blindly believed their parents for the child-like wonder and hope of something so grand. When did our society decide to go along with all of these untruths? Long before any of us were alive, they’ve been fabricating the story of Santa to all the innocent little children. I don’t appreciate the fact that I have to go along with the story too, unless I want to be the “bad guy” and tell my child the truth and then my child goes on to ruin other children’s beliefs. I honestly don’t want to wreck the child’s sense of wonder.

But come on, people! Has anyone ever realized that our kids grow up and find out the truth and they find out we lied to them all this time, then they start to not trust us anymore?

I’m constantly trying to prove to my 6 year old son that I can be trusted. Being his stepmom brings a challenge of having to earn his trust and unconditional love. I don’t ever want to jeopardize this small amount of trust I have built with him. And now I’m forced, by society, to lie to his face about many holidays and things that are highlights in his life.

I didn’t sign up for this.

Obviously, I can’t change anything. I mean, I’m only one mommy blogger. So what can one mom do? She certainly cannot change society’s agreement on the subject of Santa. No, and that is why this is labeled as a rant.

Hearing Loss for a 6 year old

We took our 6 year-old to the Audiologist and it turns out he needs hearing aids too. We wanted to just test his hearing since one of his previous therapists suggested it.

His hearing loss is in the mild to moderate range. His younger brother has a more severe hearing loss in one of his ears. They recommended that our 6 yo get hearing aids in both of his ears. We were worried that he wouldn’t accept wearing hearing aids because of his Sensory Processing Disorder but surprisingly he is doing well with them.

Here is a quick picture or two of one of his hearing aids from the day they came in.

6 yo hearing aid

Kids’ Birthdays

Our kids had their 4th and 6th birthdays towards the end of June. I thought I’d show you their birthday cakes. The 4 year old wanted a Scooby Doo themed cake. We had to make his cake homemade because he has an egg allergy. The 6 year old wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed cake. He also had a Ninja Turtle birthday party with 2 friends who came over that day to celebrate. We had a slip-n-slide and water balloon bombs. The boys gave him gifts of water guns so they used them during the party. He had a piñata that was Ninja Turtle theme, which we bought from Zurchers. We actually bought most of the party supplies at Zurchers, which is where I work now.

Here are their birthday cakes:

kids birthday cakes

They give us a run for our money but we love them anyway. We are a family (Blended and Splendid).

Our Family is Blended and Splendid.