Pics of Olly

Here are the rest of my pics of my sweet Olly. These were all taken with my camera phone, so they aren’t such great quality.

San Fran

Alright, so I went with the fam to San Francisco this past Christmas. And I still haven’t uploaded pictures yet. I ended up taking about 300 just in SF and of Alcatraz!

New social site

So at work, we’ve been researching 100s of social media sites and I found this site to be pretty fun. It’s called SpinSnap.

It’s iMe!!

So this is a way cool site where you can create your own mini you, the internet caricature version of you!

Fun Lil’ Blinkie

Ok, so I found this on and I couldn’t resist putting it on here. Fun Fun Fun!!

Don’t Take Life For Granted

Life… is fragile, it’s precious, it’s short …enjoy it!! Smile, say hello to people you don’t know who look like they could use a friend, don’t take your friends or family for granted.

Yay for May

Hooray that it’s May! I love the month of May. Why, you say? Because it contains my birthday!


I really need to prioritize my life again! I’m allowing certain values to fall apart while thinking other values are more important. But guess what?! They’re not more important, I’ve …