Kitten Name Suggestions

There weren’t all that many suggestions for my new kittens, sorry to say. It must have been a “busy” time of year or something. I mixed in the suggestions with the names I found online to debate between.

Blog Swap – Winter’s Top Ten

Marci and I have been given the pleasure of doing a blog swap via I run a blog called Buffalo Street Buffalo Street which is a variety blog mainly focusing on photography, music, and the random happenings of my life. Winter is the best time for photography in my opinion.

I Will Be Guest Blogging Over At…

Buffalo Street is where I will be blogging today. Please come visit me there and comment if you like. I will be writing an introduction of Search Engine Optimization, hopefully one that will be understood by non-techy people even.

Guest Post Tomorrow!

Everyone. I am excited to announce a scheduled guest post by Sean Folck, who writes Buffalo Street and is from the area of Buffalo, NY. We are both members of a blog community called 20 Something Bloggers and they hold an annual blog swap and this year is their 8th year!

Model Kitties

My little 10 week old kittens are so model perfect that I shot some photos of them and want to show them off.


As you can see, we are proud owners of two kittens. We brought them home Monday, December 13th, 2010. We haven’t found names for them yet. One is orange striped, the other is mostly black with some white under his chin.

Finally Friday: Long Walk

This morning, I awoke to the sound of Butch’s phone voice talking to other truckers to see when his truck will be ready for him, at 6:30 AM. Instead of trying my hardest to fall back asleep, I fought the urge and GOT UP!!