The End of the Hamster Era

Well, Squeak passed away sometime on October 17th, 2011. He was my last Russian Dwarf Hamster that I was taking care of. First I bought Olly, then after Olly died, I bought two Russian Dwarfs to fill the void.

Oil Cleansing Method – OCM

I am trying the Oil-Cleansing Method to help my face get cleaner and to see a decrease in acne. Never did I think in my thirties, I’d have to deal with adult acne. I really hope this works for me. Stay tuned.

Internet Marketing on The Rise!

It is not hard to believe that the demand for internet marketing courses has been on the rise recently. The world is experiencing a very bad recession and finding a job in this market is not exactly the easiest or the most promising thing.

Back to School

I’ve finally gone back to school to finish my bachelor’s degree!! Everyone say, “Woohoo!!” It was a long time coming but I’m here and dedicated this time to finish.