I haven’t updated this site for a long time now. Sorry about that. But guess what?! I got engaged!

Pinterest Craft – DIY Distressed Backdrop

I saw this great idea on Pinterest and pinned it to my Things to Try board. Little did I know I was going to make it sooner rather than later. In my studio photography class, we were given an assignment to shoot food photography. I wanted to make this board for our shoot so we’d have a rustic look as a backdrop.

Josh Powell: Suicide/Murder

This afternoon, Josh Powell (husband of Susan Powell who went missing in December of 2009) who is speculated to being the one who killed his wife, burned his house down in Washington, along with himself and his two young sons.

Happy New Year!

It is now the year 2012. I shake my head at the thought I had years ago while thinking this year would be so far away! Crazy how time flies.