Etiquette for my Stepsons

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be teaching etiquette to my stepsons on what to call their biological mother. What a world we live in these days.

Happy New Year!

It is now the year 2012. I shake my head at the thought I had years ago while thinking this year would be so far away! Crazy how time flies.

Guest Post Tomorrow!

Everyone. I am excited to announce a scheduled guest post by Sean Folck, who writes Buffalo Street and is from the area of Buffalo, NY. We are both members of a blog community called 20 Something Bloggers and they hold an annual blog swap and this year is their 8th year!

New Hammies!!

am the proud owner of 2 new Russian Dwarf Hamsters!!! They are so adorable!! Definitely babies! One is kinda spotted and the other looks just like Olly did. For now, I’m calling them Spotty and Lookalike. LOL!

so it’s February…

Well it’s February now and we’re past Valentine’s Day, when I was going to make my Valentine’s Day Resolutions, remember? Instead of making New Years Resolutions. I had to push it back two months since I wasn’t ready.

end of january…

This month went by so fast. One of my friends told me recently that you just have to have the mentality of a 60-year old, then you won’t think time flies by and you won’t be as upset about time. 🙂 Funny huh!?

courtney tuttle creates blogging zoom…

So I’m thinking this will become a revolutionary feature for the bloggers of the net! Lots of people can say they have their own ideas and opinions about SEO but trial and error is the best way to figure out the rules and regulations, am I right?

okay, i’m ready…

okay, daily douz is ready for submission to the big search engines. yay! i’ve finally gotten some things in place that i wanted to have ready before i submit my blog.