Fave Photo Fridays – Concerts

Years ago I used to go to many concerts and I always tried to snap photos from those glorious concerts. Here are some of my memories. Don’t judge the photo quality as I wasn’t able to bring in a nice camera so these were always taken from my camera phone. Lol!

Great Toys for Kids

I bought my children aged fourteen and nine a couple of great gifts last week that I loved so much I have been thinking of getting myself one each as well.

Quick Trip to Idaho Falls

Here are some cool photos I took with my cell phone’s camera from our weekend trip to Idaho Falls. It was quite pretty there at this one lookout point and I snapped a few cool photos there.

Update on Pip

I had the thought to update everyone about my Russian Dwarf Hamster named Pip. I had him out the other day, in his rolly ball, and he was running around my kitchen and living room.

My Anderson Nephews

I just wanted to share some cute photos I’ve snapped of my nephews lately while I’ve been babysitting them. And the best thing is seeing them smile.

Announcing Pip

I am a fun-loving boy Russian Dwarf Hamster. My name is Pip. I can be aggressive when I need to be (just ask my brother, Squeak). I love running on my wheel during the day to the point of exhaustion (I literally fall asleep on my wheel after exercise sometimes).

Introducing Squeak

I am a jittery boy Russian Dwarf Hamster. I swat at people’s fingers when they try to pet me. I have poor eyesight but can run on my wheel for hours on end. My name is Squeak.