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3 Tried And Tested Skin Maintenance Tips For This Summer


Nothing can be more beautiful than a soft, supple, shining skin! You can have it nowadays if you take care of your health and you let yourself in the hands of the specialists. A skin doctor can offer you tailored treatments and you will be amazed by the quick results. In addition, this short article is going to offer you a few interesting tips and tricks if you want to look younger!

You should be serious about the way you look especially if you are a person that lives from his image. For example, if you are a TV presenter, model or singer, you really need to take care of your skin and make a good impression on a regular basis.


Most skin problems are caused by a bad lifestyle. For example, you might eat too much processed foods, you might smoke and drink on a regular basis as well. All these habits might have a negative impact on your skin. Also, insufficient hours of sleep will do you harm too. Therefore, make sure that you reduce the amount of bad substances that you eat or drink every day. Try to smoke less, eat less junk food and drink less coffee too.

As a result, your health will be improved and your body gets detoxified. You will observe quickly that your skin will look more luscious and more beautiful because less free radicals are affecting its structure. Keep these simple tips in mind and you will observe the differences in a couple of days.

Wonder mixture for the skin of your face

You might also want to mix a few tablespoons of green tea, brown sugar and face cream in a cup and apply the mixture on your face. It will nourish the skin and hydrate it. Leave it on your face for about 10 minutes and you will observe a big change. This trick should be performed a couple of times a month or even more often if you have time.

Minimal makeup

Different makeup products can take their toll on your face. It is a good idea to avoid using too much makeup and let your natural beauty shine from your skin. Think about the fact that these products contain a lot of substances and chemicals that might affect the skin of your face in time. As a result, aging signs will eventually start to appear prematurely. Don’t let this happen. If you want more tips and tricks, you can speak with a professional and browse the internet too because you will definitely get useful information.


Exterior Decor – Achieving The Best Results For Your Back And Front Yard


When Jesus admonished the Pharisees for their doctrines, he told them that they only wash the outside of their cup but never the inside, the superficial meaning of this is that their outward appearance appeared flawless but they were no cleaner than a garbage bin on the inside. However, most people have a different approach when it comes to their houses, the inside is sparkling while the outside remains a horrible site or one that is ok, but could do better.

No words can explain the kind of confusion that brings out especially when someone walks through a clattered front yard only to enter into a clean immaculate house, that is just wrong. These guidelines will help you achieve a balance between your outside and your inside.

Get a landscaper

A landscaper is to your yard what an interior decorator is to your house. He or she will bear the responsibility of turning your yard to anything you envision, and like what any good interior designer does, a good landscaper should first ask you what you want to do. This brings into focus what you need and what can actually be done. Once you establish that, you can be sure that the landscaper will do everything he does with your initial thoughts in his mind only he will do it well or better than you had imagined.

Utilize your driveway

Driveways are meant for cars, to park or get into the garage. Traditionally nothing much happens there apart from an occasional game of basketball. However, you can bring them to life by adding some flair by planting flowers alongside the driveway; pave it to remove holes and other chipped rocks. The best technique is to use interlocking bricks that provide a smooth finish and a classy look. You can also use your driveway for garage sales and car washing for economic gain or charity.

Take care of your lawn

A manicured lawn speaks volumes about the owner of the house; they show a sense of responsibility, cleanliness and order in that household. It is not a hard task taking care of the lawn, make sure it is well watered, use fertilizer to make the grass healthy and replant in sections where the seed failed. This gives your lawn an equal look, which is what many people go for. To protect the grass further, install and construct footpaths that will protect grass from stomping and consequently lead to drying up.

Utah Yard

Skin Regimens I’ve Been Trying

I found an interesting website from Pinterest about “Oil Pulling.” Honestly, I’ve only tried it one day and could only stand about 5-6 whole minutes of it. Supposedly, it helps you fight off diseases naturally, get better oral health, and many other improvements in digestion as well. I figured, what do I have to lose? A few minutes of my time? And lots to gain. I read that you should take a very small amount of oil (coconut oil has the best uses but I had vegetable oil in my house, so I used that, YUCK!) in your mouth and sift the oil through your teeth by pushing and pulling it through them. If you’ve never done it before, you might want to try with water first, as I instructed my husband to practice. Within that 5 minutes, I had to spit out my oil mouthful 3 different times because I felt a gulp in the back of my throat, like I might need to puke. They said that was normal to feel that and to spit out and get fresh oil when you’re comfortable again. I also had to blow my nose a few times from the oil clearing my mucus I guess. Anyway, after I tried it for as long as I could stand, I persuaded my husband to try it too. He lasted about the same amount of time overall, had to spit it out maybe 3-4 times too. From his experience, it seemed a bit more subtle. He has issues with his teeth and hoped to get improvement there and he did report a more pink color in his gums after only this one treatment. I read that oil pulling is a way to detoxify your body. I haven’t returned to try this again but we did pick up a bottle of coconut oil. The coconut oil is thick however, we are a bit unsure how it would work with it but read you can heat the oil up and it liquefies. Still haven’t tried it. I also read coconut oil helps to get rid of acne, which I never thought I’d have in my thirties btw!

Lately I’ve noticed a decrease in my eyelash fullness and searched on Pinterest to see if there were effective natural ways to “grow lashes” and found a few helpful tips. I’ve been putting Vaseline just above my eyelash line using a q-tip and brushing it onto my lashes (like you would mascara) every night before bed and sleeping with it on for the past four nights. I’ve noticed a slight improvement in the little amount of time I’ve tried it. There are other ideas on how to grow your lashes naturally on my skin care Pinterest board. Some include castor oil, vitamin E oil and aloe vera oil into a mixture. I’d like to try that sometime when I’m able to pick up vitamin E and aloe vera oils since I already own castor oil from when I tried the Oil Cleansing Method for about 4-5 months last year. I’ll post about my results from these two regimes in about a month from now and report on my stubbornness to press on.

Do any of you use these tips or regimens? What side effects have you found, if any? Do either of these interest you after reading my experience and research? Please comment below! I’d LOVE some feedback.

Oil Cleansing Method – OCM

I am trying the Oil-Cleansing Method to help my face get cleaner and to see a decrease in acne. Never did I think in my thirties, I’d have to deal with adult acne. I really hope this works for me. Stay tuned.

*UPDATE: 3/12/12* I stopped using this OCM method simply from it being more of a hassle than a help to my face. I did like the method but it’s a lot to keep up with, measuring oils and mixing them together, then if you travel – dealing with spillage, etc. I liked the feel it was giving my face but the upkeep didn’t seem worth it plus it didn’t seem to help my acne all that much anyway.

The Story of Grace Kelly’s Engagement Rings

That’s right, Grace Kelly’s engagement rings, plural. The famous movie star from the 1950s was the lucky recipient of not one, but two incredible engagement rings – and from a prince, no less. Here’s how the story goes:

When Prince Rainier the Third of Monoco asked Grace Kelly to marry him, he presented her with an eternity band set with diamonds and rubies, which represented the colors of his home country. They announced their engagement to the press in January 1956, and the lovely eternity band played a starring role in the newsreels and photographs that were taken at the event. Her understated ring was as charming and lovely as Grace herself, and it enhanced her natural beauty as never before.

But that was before the Prince went to Los Angeles to visit his fiancée in her hometown. He took one glance at the gigantic size of the stones and the incredibly expensive diamond engagement rings that other movie stars were wearing, and concluded that the restrained eternity band would not be right for his-Oscar-winning bride-to-be. After a quick overseas cable to Paris, the famous jewelers at Cartier produced Grace’s second engagement ring – a spectacular Emerald-cut diamond with double baguettes, weighing in at an impressive 12 carats. It might not have been the most expensive engagement ring in the world, but it ended up having the desired effect.

Grace Kelly Photo by Insomnia cured here, twm1340 on Flickr

Grace didn’t waste a moment taking her new ring to work with her. In her new movie High Society, she played the role of Tracy Lord – a Philadelphia social ingénue on the eve of her wedding day – and her new ring played a large supporting role. She also took every opportunity to flaunt it in front of delighted MGM photographers in all her publicity shots. All things considered, the 12-carat diamond was much showier and glitzier, which was more in line with her public persona of glamorous movie queen.

She retired from movies thereafter, to fulfill her new duties as the Princess of Monaco. And thus began her storybook wedding to the Prince. Actually, she had two weddings to the Prince, but — that’s a topic for another story.

The Secret To Becoming Successful In Life

People undergo a lot of experiences in life, and one thing that is common across communities throughout the world is the occurrence of personal problems and trials. Life, after all, is like a wheel, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down.

There are an unfortunate minority of people that don’t know how to handle lifes many adversities, who don’t know how to cope with life and simply survive with a mediocre interest in their persuits. This learned hopelessness is the reason why many people around the world suffer from depression today, and fail to ultimately be successful people.

It is in fact fairly easy to learn about the ways of how to overcome depression, yet not many people know how to prevent it from occurring in the first instance. Depression is often triggered by the experience of a life changing event. It can be a problem, a loss, or even the experience of stress. Take for instance, a person who is on learning how to become successful in life and striving hard to make success happen. When he/she encounters problems along the way, it is expected that he/she can handle it and not give up too easily. But for some people, particularly those who have an underdeveloped coping mechanism or solid support system, the big problems become impossible to overcome. The resulting failure can be the reason why he/she can get depressed, stay unhappy and unsuccessful.

Street life Photo by (M), zaqi on Flickr

When a person can cope effectively with problems, there will be no chance for depression to set in and that person is then free to be motivated and strive harder towards the attainment of success.

The point is that if a person wants to be successful in life, he/she should learn how to handle problems and failures effectively. Life is indeed like a wheel that constantly turns. One cannot experience joy all the time – And this is how it should be. Life is after all, a series of both successes and failures. To have the right support network, and mentality is the key to success.

Lego Games Mean Family Fun Time

Spending time together as a family is important, and building with lego toys are a great way to have some time together. The new Lego Atlantis Games is fantastic for kids and also designed especially for the collectors of the said toy brand. It comes with three divers and over thousand Lego pieces that you need to assemble. Younger children will definitely need the help of their parents to put the pieces together. A good feature of the Lego Atlantis is that it has many challenges and traps that your character needs to triumph over.

Another feature of the game is the shark castle. You need to be very careful in your journey inside it because you will have to find a treasure key along the way. There are also many traps that you need to avoid. The number of challenges that you need to overcome allows for imaginative play, especially among children. As one of the top toys for 2011, lego is always bring out new and exciting games for families to enjoy.

Some of the figures that you will get from the set include the following: a skeleton, portal emperor, three divers, a shark warrior, and a squid warrior. Each character has its own weapon, which can be guns, jetpacks, or tridents to help you fight the enemies. You can also purchase expansion sets like the headquarters for your divers. Upon purchase of the headquarters set, you will get two divers and the Manta Warrior. You will also get 473 pieces of Lego, complete with the instruction booklet that will guide you through the process of putting the pieces together. You will have your own Lego headquarters for your divers to rest in.

It will roughly take you about three hours to fully complete the Lego Atlantis set. As you build the Atlantis, you will enjoy the moment bonding with your family. You can talk about how your day went, how was school, and more. This will let your child open up to you and in turn will help you understand how you should deal with your child. Bonding over Lego games can enhance the communication lines between parents and children.

Who Uses Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services?

The more appropriate question for these modern times would be: Who doesn’t use the reverse cell phone lookup services?  While this handy little feature was, at one point in time, basically just a novelty used for entertainment purposes, today, these methods are a very lucrative business.  The novelty is not lost, many still cannot resist the urge to search their own numbers, but the practical applications are the real substance of these options.

A reverse cell phone lookup free from any costs is possible, but can be much more difficult than using one of the many services that offer free basic searches, like  The free searches offered are commonly just basic information like the name the phone is registered to and where it was registered, but this is often enough information to continue the search with other resources, or decide whether the option of paying the small fee for a paid search is practical.  Just as laptops used to cost over $2,000 and now you can find refurbished laptops under 300 dollars, advancing technology will force the price down for other technology, including cell phones and cell phone services.  While basic services are free now, even detailed cell phone lookup information should be inexpensive or free in the future.

The paid cell phone lookup services are employed by pros and average individuals all over the world for applications like finding relatives, biological parents, and most recently, by law enforcement and private investigators to locate fugitives and others that are hiding for one reason or another.

Private citizens have found many uses in these services including ceasing advertisers’ and similar organizations’ attempts to violate telemarketer laws or otherwise harass citizens.  Many scrutinizing parents have used the information found through these services to know exactly who their children are associating with and even laid fears to rest of cheating spouses and other unethical activities.

The power of the free cell phone lookup has so many possibilities that many of them are just now being realized, and while there are some options for retrieving information without these services, the fastest and most accurate information is stored in the growing databases held by these providers.  Typing numbers into Google or Yahoo can return surprising amounts of information, but for the majority of cases, particularly with cell phones and businesses, the best information is through the services that specialize in collecting it.

Fun And Healthy Activities For Kids

If you are beginning to wonder what your children are going to do during their vacation and hoping to find some good activities for kids, you are in luck. There are lots of ways to keep kids healthy and interested at the same time. Consider getting your children dance lessons. This will let them exercise, learn a new skill, and introduce them to new people, all at once.

Something that not a lot people realize is that putting kids into dance classes can really increase their self esteem. If you bring children into contact with different kinds of activities they may find new abilities that they are good at. If they are not good initially, they can see the value of hard work and practice as they become better with some effort. A summer full of exciting classes can really be a fun time for a child.

Little Creations - Yoga Class
Creative Commons License photo credit: Axel Bührmann

There are lots of kinds of dance classes to take. You can try something like hip-hop, ballet, jazz, or tap dancing. See what your child may be interested in. Of course, there are lots of fun things to do besides dancing. If you want something for your children to enjoy that keeps them active, something like swimming lessons or karate classes might be a good fit too. Swimming is a useful skill for most people to have at some point in their life. Karate classes can teach self defense, confidence, and respect… all valuable assets.

Summer vacation can be a difficult period for both parents and kids. By finding the right activities for kids, you can keep them healthy, teach them something new, all while getting some valuable time to yourself!

Tips for searching for classes: when Googling to find dance classes, trying adding your city’s name to the search box. For example: activities for kids in Los Angeles is a much better search because it adds the name of your city, helping to locate nearby studios for your children. If you simply try a search term like kids yoga, Google doesn’t know if you want general or local results, so adding your city can help find local info much faster.

New Sites Coming Soon

Creative Commons License photo credit: Danard Vincente

I have 3 websites in the works. I’ve made twitter accounts for them already and I’m teaching myself and learning from other websites how to create my very own template so I don’t have to borrow anybody else’s. Plus I will feel good about what I will accomplish. I really hope you all will visit my new websites when I unveil them and be as excited as I am for something new. This is exhilarating to me, honestly. Stay tuned!

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