Josh Powell: Suicide/Murder

This afternoon, Josh Powell (husband of Susan Powell who went missing in December of 2009) who is speculated to being the one who killed his wife, burned his house down in Washington, along with himself and his two young sons.

Labor Day Weekend Accidents

After the four day string of very bad accidents this past week, there were a few more accidents that happened over the weekend. It is a holiday weekend so most companies give their employees the day off on Monday for Labor Day.

Double Rollover Accident

And another pretty bad accident in the Utah County stretch of freeway. This one involved two cars and both rolled over. Both drivers were ejected and taken to hospitals immediately.

Provo Accident

A third fatal accident on our local freeway here in Utah within three days. This one was in Provo and they directed the entire freeway traffic off and through the cities of Orem and Provo until the freeway was opened again. All lanes were blocked at the scene.

Santaquin Accident

Apparently there was another fatal accident in Utah County. This one happened in the morning hours and more than one person died as a result.

Orem Accident

Reminder to everyone out on the roads…Please be careful and mindful of other drivers! This could have happened to anyone.