Thirty is the New Twenty

I enter the Thirty-something bracket today. Yay for birthdays. Not! This birthday is a sad one. I reflect back on my years and wish I would have followed through with a few life changing experiences.

Went to No Doubt & Paramore Concert

I LOVED this concert! The Sounds played first, then Paramore (and YES they sang the Twilight song!!!!! And everyone, including ME, freaked out!!!!), and then grand finale with No Doubt!!!

Yay for May

Hooray that it’s May! I love the month of May. Why, you say? Because it contains my birthday!

end of january…

This month went by so fast. One of my friends told me recently that you just have to have the mentality of a 60-year old, then you won’t think time flies by and you won’t be as upset about time. 🙂 Funny huh!?

it’s my half birthday…

hey everyone, it’s my half birthday today, yay. alright, can you hear the sarcasm in my tone? lol. so i just barely realized that like 5 minutes ago so it’s not like i’m waiting for this day to come.