The End of the Hamster Era

Well, Squeak passed away sometime on October 17th, 2011. He was my last Russian Dwarf Hamster that I was taking care of. First I bought Olly, then after Olly died, I bought two Russian Dwarfs to fill the void.

Kittens have Names

Hey everyone! I am happy to report we chose names for our new kittens finally. I do not think they are used to their new names yet since they don’t come when called, but we are working on that part. They both come when you call for “kitty” or “kitters” (I love calling them kitters for some reason).

Kitten Name Suggestions

There weren’t all that many suggestions for my new kittens, sorry to say. It must have been a “busy” time of year or something. I mixed in the suggestions with the names I found online to debate between.

Model Kitties

My little 10 week old kittens are so model perfect that I shot some photos of them and want to show them off.


As you can see, we are proud owners of two kittens. We brought them home Monday, December 13th, 2010. We haven’t found names for them yet. One is orange striped, the other is mostly black with some white under his chin.