Internet Marketing on The Rise!

It is not hard to believe that the demand for internet marketing courses has been on the rise recently. The world is experiencing a very bad recession and finding a job in this market is not exactly the easiest or the most promising thing.

I Will Be Guest Blogging Over At…

Buffalo Street is where I will be blogging today. Please come visit me there and comment if you like. I will be writing an introduction of Search Engine Optimization, hopefully one that will be understood by non-techy people even.

Hot Trends Tip – SEO

Google is a comprehensible database full of information all over the internet, right? So wouldn’t it be natural for them to want to grasp whatever the ‘hot trends’ are among the internet users?

courtney tuttle creates blogging zoom…

So I’m thinking this will become a revolutionary feature for the bloggers of the net! Lots of people can say they have their own ideas and opinions about SEO but trial and error is the best way to figure out the rules and regulations, am I right?

page rank update!!!

Yay! it finally happened! hooray! now i can stop cursing google, hehe. but seriously! GUESS WHAT?! my little ol’ blogspot, yes this one you’re reading, got a page rank 2!

okay, i’m ready…

okay, daily douz is ready for submission to the big search engines. yay! i’ve finally gotten some things in place that i wanted to have ready before i submit my blog.