Orem Accident

My boyfriend-at-the-time was driving to work this morning between 6 and 6:30 AM and got stuck in traffic from a fatal accident. It must have happened merely minutes/seconds before he arrived in the area. KSL has a video that you can watch here:

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Apparently, there were 3 vehicles involved, 1 semitrailer and 2 cars, crashed on Northbound I-15.

From the KSL article: “A semitrailer and two passenger vehicles crashed just as they started crossing the overpass near the 1600 North on-ramp above Geneva Road on the Orem-Lindon border.

“One of the passenger vehicles, a white full-sized van, lost control and rolled over the right-hand side jersey barrier,” said Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Todd Johnson. “That van landed below on the west edge of Geneva Road on its top, killing the driver, who is the only occupant, a 47-year-old male.'”
Read the details of this crazy story here: Orem-Lindon Accident 8/31/10.

Reminder to everyone out on the roads…Please be careful and mindful of other drivers! This could have happened to anyone. Construction is going on with our freeway and the on-ramps are shortened quite a bit to get onto the freeways. Drivers who are already on the freeway should have slower speeds so that other drivers can safely get onto the freeway from those on-ramps. My then-boyfriend drives truck with a double trailer behind it and I don’t want to see him get involved in any accidents, or other people around him. Please drive safe!

4 thoughts on “Orem Accident

  1. AJ Reply

    my husband was stuck in traffic from that accident too, but it was around 8am so it must have been really bad.

    • marci Post authorReply

      Wow, yeah it was bad! The car (van) fell from the highway onto Geneva Rd below!! And another fatal accident happened just today too. :S Crazy times!

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