Provo Accident

AND A THIRD fatal accident on our local freeway here in Utah within THREE DAYS. (The second accident).This one was in Provo and they directed the entire freeway traffic off and through the cities of Orem and Provo until the freeway was opened again. All lanes were blocked at the scene. This is madness! I was traveling in Orem, just about to get on the freeway going Southbound but the lanes were blocked by police. So then I noticed it was empty and all the traffic was coming off the freeway and into the roads I was driving on. CRAZY traffic!! I eventually went the ‘back way’ through town to get back to Springville. I wanted to rubberneck though to see if I could see anything from the accident. I drove through Provo on the roads just beneath the freeway overpasses to see any glimpse of it but didn’t catch anything. I would have snapped a pic and posted it on here for you guys to see. Sorry.

Anyway, possible drugs/alcohol involved. The lady who caused the accident was arrested with a DUI. And one 71-year old man died as a result of this madness. Here is the full story: Provo Accident 9/2/10. And here is another version of this same accident: Daily Herald Provo Accident.

Again, PLEASE drive safely people!! Your destination will still be there when you arrive, you don’t need to speed! These construction barriers and lane changes are what I think is causing all this chaos, so please slow down for everyone’s safety. Thank you.

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